Cyclone 360 ventilator

The warm air forms an invisible film on the cow's skin that prevents heat from escaping from the body. One of the important purposes of air ventilation In the farm is to remove this film with sufficient air circulation.

While conventional fans only mix the air underneath, the Cyclone 360 smart fan makes the air around it 360 'uniform at a high speed.

The ideal temperature for a dairy cow is considered to be 5-15 degrees. From 20 degrees Celsius, at high humidity, the cows' well-being is disturbed and heat stress begins.

At optimal speed, Cyclone360 covers an area of more than 18 m in diameter. The active airflow (0.5 to 4 m / s) moves from top to bottom and helps to break down the warm insulating film on the skin surface, reactivating the skin's natural temperature control.

Cyclone 360 reduces temperature stress in animals, increases cow welfare and optimizes milk production. Cyclone 360 also reduces humidity and helps to keep the floor drier, improving both the hoof and udder hygiene even in colder weather.


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